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DISCLAIMER: This app will NOT work on iPhone 6 phones.

Need more help with your Accounting Information Systems coursework to prepare for the your upcoming quiz, mid term or final exam? Then the multiple choice question Accounting Homework App (AHA) is for you. This AHA is designed to help you practice multiple choice questions matched to topics covered in your Accounting Information Systems (AIS) textbook. The multiple choice questions, answer choices and in depth explanations can also help with courses such as Business Information Systems, Computer Control and Audit, and the like.

Think of the AHA as a course supplemental workbook with the added ease of studying anywhere and anytime. Once downloaded, you dont need access to the internet which means--no additional data plan usage. Standing at the bus stop, waiting for your date to get ready, listening to a boring lecture (did we say that?), in line at the grocery store or movies? Weve got you covered with a simple to use interface. Heres what you get with AHA.

Pick one, some or all categories within AIS
Pick easy, medium or hard questions within a category
Turn the timer on to track your speed and to keep you focused or off if you prefer
See the percent correct at the end of each category

Over 250 multiple choice questions cover the following Accounting Information Systems subject areas:

General IT Concepts (33)
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (12)
Organizational Needs and Systems Design (52)
IT Security, Risk, and Controls (57)
Control Environment (8)
Internal Control (103)

Think of us as your AHA moment! Other apps available soon are Financial Accounting, Business Law, Tax, Auditing, and Management Accounting.